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meet the caretakers






Founder of DogCentric Society

Tracey Renfrew is the founder of DogCentric Society and the human companion of a magical creature named Titus.  Together, they lead adventurous outings with their friends from the local canine community.  She is delighted to have the opportunity to experience the pure joy of being out on the trails with a pack of happy dogs.






Dog Care Taker + Organizational Pro

Lexy charmed her way into the hearts of Sonya’s family when she was a puppy in 2014, and life has been a better adventure for them ever since. Sonya and Lexy are a pet therapy team because Lexy needs “a job” and Sonya wants to share with others the joy Lexy brings to her life. Training for this “job” entailed hours and hours of training to get Lexy certified as a Canine Good Citizen, but it was Lexy who taught Sonya the most valuable lessons.  One of those lessons is that “it takes a village” to have a happy, healthy pup. That is what attracted them to Tracey and her efforts to build a dog-centric community. They are honored to be part of the energy that drives a thriving DogCentric Society in Austin! 



Zoom Rebekah & Max.jpg



Dog Care Taker + Pack Guardian

Rebekah has years of experience handling and caring for small animals, livestock and horses. She has the confidence of a natural leader coupled with a deep desire to nurture all of god's creatures. These two qualities make her perfectly suited to be the guardian of a pack of dogs on the trails.  And of course, Tank & Bailey are thrilled to tag along for all of the adventures!

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