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Owner: Anne

"Tracey is a lifesaver! She is trustworthy, timely, and incredibly accommodating to our ever changing schedule. Our dog adores her, and we had no hesitation giving her a key to our home. Our active dog comes back after a day with Tracey happy, content, and blissfully sleepy. We will use Tracey as long as we have our dog!"


Hank & Mary

Owner: Janie

"My husband and I strongly recommend Tracey and DogCentric Society! We’ve needed her for dog sitting, and walking for almost three years now. She’s incredibly loyal, efficient, and trustworthy. You can feel totally comfortable she’s taking good care of your dogs! Our Jake, Hank, Mary absolutely love her! She always text you pictures of what they did that day."



Owner: Jonathan

"I highly recommend Tracey and DogCentric! Tracey is the best and super accommodating to my needs with lil’ Winnie. For the times when I can’t get her enough exercise, Tracey is there to take on the task. And she goes above and beyond to make sure Winnie is living her best life around Austin. It’s been a huge help over the last year. Take a break and let Tracey entertain your doggo!"



Owner: Monica

"Tracey has been taking care of my dog, Max, for the past couple of years. She is the absolute best!!! Kid not, like a dog whisperer! She is soooo good with a herd of dogs...they all listen to her and behave as well as play so well with one another! Max goes for day play every Monday....which is packed with doggy exercise. They swim, hike, fetch ball and play with one another! I call it Max's Fun Day Monday! I've used her for boarding while on trips, as well. I think Max is actually a little sad to come back home. ;) I use her for nail trimming as well, perfect! I have a hectic work schedule and she has been most accommodating to me with my "last minute" requests! Frankly, I don't know what I would do without her and Max just loves her. He waits by the door for her every Monday morning...sweetly anticipating what's to lie ahead for him! She is kind and takes such good care of the Furries!

I HIGHLY recommend Tracey, DogCentric Society!"

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